Clipper Green Tea with Lemon

For the health conscious, a refreshing cup of green tea packs in the daily dose of antioxidants for a fresh start to the day. Packing in the zest of lemon along with the natural health benefits of green tea is the light and delicious Clipper Green Tea with Lemon providing you pure ingredients in a pack of 25 or 50 tea bags. No harmful free radicals causing cell damage just like other green tea.

The ingredients on the pack boast of green tea, lemon flavor and lemon peel too. The lemon peel in Clipper Green Tea with Lemon is just 1% and you do get the refreshing taste of lemon and green tea especially if you like a tall glass of iced tea in summers. The lemon flavor is 7% so the smell of lemon is also not overpowering; it just blends. The pack also states that the tea is certified to International Fairtrade Standards that is an assurance of natural ingredients used in this tea.

The light taste of Clipper Green Tea with Lemon would appeal to the calorie conscious and weight watchers. Some people prefer to add a dash of lemon to their green tea instead of sugar or honey to enhance the flavor but now you are getting both green tea and lemon in a tea bag for your convenience. That’s smart thinking!

One negative point is that though the taste is smooth it has a sweet tinge too that some people might not like.

Another thing is that because of the lemony flavor, mostly you would prefer having this tea in the mornings only due to the freshness quotient.

The preparation is as simple as other types of green tea. Remember to leave the tea bag in the mug for two minutes and you will get a light yellow-greenish color. The longer you leave the tea bag the stronger and bitter the taste. Even though Clipper Green tea with Lemon is a mild flavored tea, you wouldn’t want to lighten the lemony flavor. So prepare this tea also the traditional way.

The square tea bags are almost one-third full with tea leaves so you can conveniently have your tall glass of iced tea with one bag without worrying about losing the flavor. The paper bags are not bleached as they are off-white in color.

In a nutshell, Clipper Green Tea with Lemon is a smooth, citrus textured green tea that the health conscious would sip delightfully.