Cocktails Liquor

It’s Monday morning and you dread facing your trainer to confess all the misdeeds of the weekend. After you painstakingly recount the number of Cosmopolitans you downed on Friday and add to them the White Russian you never even ordered but the handsome man from across the bar so gallantly sent over, your visibly unimpressed trainer rolls his eyes to the ceiling and feeds you your weekly dose of guilt “dieting takes restraint… you need to decide if you’re really serious dear”. Ouch!

Now you do need to practice some restraint, but you can still have a social life and be faithful to your diet. We feel your pain, so we have compiled a list of cocktails that allow you to maintain your reputation as a party animal, without sabotaging your fitness goals.

1) Mojito Fresco. With only 95 calories you can feel comfortable sipping on this popular Cuban infusion. To mix up a batch at home, combine 1 part of light rum, 3 parts club soda, a quarter part fresh lime juice, half part sugar (or sweetener if you prefer) and 4 ice cubes and garnish with some mint leaves.

2) Bloody Mary. This zesty drink is made of 1 and a half parts vodka, 3 parts tomato juice, half part lemon juice, a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce and a dash of ground pepper and ground celery to top it off. This drink is served in a tall glass filled with ice and has an average of about 86 calories.

3) Rum Cooler. This tropical drink is quite refreshing. It’s made of 2 parts light rum and 4 parts lemon lime soda. Served over ice you only rack up about 100 calories a drink.

4) Daiquiri. This one is an oldie but a goodie. Made of 2 parts light rum, one part lime juice and 1/3 part sugar it has only about 125 calories. Of course if you insist on ordering the sweeter variations like the strawberry or mango sensations which are made with fruit flavored syrup you’ll rack up considerably more points on the calorie counter.

5) Gin and Tonic. This mixer has about 150 calories but if you ask the bartender to use diet tonic you can knock off about 50 of those calories.

6) Vodka and Cranberry. This has become very popular lately, mainly because of the increased popularity of cranberry juice as a healthy drink option. This mix though has about 250 calories because of the high sugar content in the juice. If you use diet or low sugar cranberry juice instead you can bring your calorie count down to 140.

7) Martini. If you’re a martini girl one of these are around 178 calories. An original martini is a mixture of 1 and a half parts gin, 1 part vermouth and a dash of orange bitters. Shaken or stirred it’s not a bad choice.

8) Manhattan. This sophisticated cocktail made of two parts whisky, half part vermouth and a dash of Angostura bitters has about 186 calories, so while one or two might not cause you extra hours at the gym, chugging them back all night long certainly will.

The key to staying on track with your fitness program is to find ways to live a balanced life. By doing the research upfront you can make smart choices at the bar that don’t call for a week of boot camp just to undo the damage of the weekend.