The Mango Mojito

The Mango Mojito is a fruity take on the rum based classic, and has become a popular feature of many bars. It seems that the Mango Mojito is just perfect for relaxing with as the sun beats down. The popularity of the cocktail has spread from the bar and club scene into the home and it is a cocktail that can be easily made at home.

There are two variations of the Mango Mojito that can be made at home. One version makes a change to the rum alcohol base, and the second adds Mango to the traditional Mojito cocktail.

Recipe No.1

-Ingredients for a Mango Mojito (one serving)

6 mint leaves

1 lime wedge

1 ½ fluid ounces of mango rum

Soda water

The Mango Mojito is normally served in a Collins or highball glass, and into the glass are added the mint leaves and lime wedge. These ingredients are then gently muddled together to help release the flavours. The mango rum is then added. Many companies, including Malibu, Cruzan and Coruba, are now making mango flavoured rum, and it is not as rare as it once was. Soda water is then added to the taste of the individual drinker. Ice cubes are added, and a sprig of mint is often used as garnish, with the drink being drunk through straws.

Recipe No.2

-Ingredients for a Mango Mojito (one serving)

6 mint leaves

1 fluid ounce of white rum

1 fluid ounce of mango puree

Lime water

Normally served in a Collins glass, the creation of the Mango Mojito starts by muddling the mint leaves in the bottom of the glass. The muddling allows for the mint flavours to be released. The white rum is then added and the drink gently stirred. Mango puree is then added and the drink stirred once again. Mango can be brought but it is easy to make from fresh peeled and pitted mangoes, a small amount of sugar and water, blended together.  Ice cubes and sparkling lime water are then added to taste.

The recipes for both variations of the Mango Mojito can be played with according to the taste of the creator, but both drinks can be fruity and refreshing.