The Strawberry Mojito

The strawberry mojito is now a cocktail that appears on many restaurants’ drinks menu. As adaptation of the classic mojito, the strawberry mojito sees the addition of fresh strawberries to make a fruity, alcoholic beverage that seems to be perfect on a night out. As with so many cocktails though the strawberry mojito is a drink that can be experimented with at home, and with some trial and error a perfect party drink can be created in the kitchen.

Recipe No.1

-Ingredients for a Strawberry Mojito (one serving)

6 fresh mint leaves

2 fresh strawberries quartered

1 ½ fluid ounces of light rum

¾ fluid ounce of fresh lime juice

1 fluid ounce of sugar syrup

Soda water

Lime wedges

Add the mint leaves and strawberries into a highball glass, and then muddle the two ingredients to release flavour. Add the light rum, lime juice and sugar syrup to the glass, and stir gently. Then add ice cubes to the drink, before adding soda water to suit the drinker’s taste, stirring the cocktail slowly. Garnish with a lime wedge and then serve with drinking straws.

Recipe No.2

-Ingredients for a Strawberry Mojito (one serving)

2 mint sprigs

6 fresh strawberries

3 Lime wedges

1 fluid ounce of Crème de Fraise des Bois liqueur

2 fluid ounces of light rum

Soda water

Add the mint, strawberries, lime wedges and strawberry liqueur into a drink’s shaker, and then muddle all ingredients together vigorously. Then add the light rum and crushed ice, and shake all ingredients well. The drink then needs to be strained; ideally this is done twice to ensure a smooth drink is served. The strawberry mojito is then served in a Collins or highball glass along with cracked ice, with soda water added to taste. The mojito is then served with straws and a finishing sprig of mint as garnish.

The strawberry mojito is a relatively easy drink to make and is one which can get an evening going, or keep it going.