Why Coffee is a Great Hobby

Many people all over the world drink coffee, in fact for some people, coffee is about the only beverage they drink. There are some coffee aficionados who have taken the love of coffee to a whole new level and turned coffee into a full fledged hobby. They know everything about coffee from its origins to the different brews to which region produces the best tasting beans for each specific roast. There are many ways people have turned coffee into a hobby.

Coffee tasting

This is like wine tasting, beer tasting and every other kind of “tasting” you can think of. These are fun formal and informal gatherings where people bring in their different blends and have a panel of judges decide which brew is the best in certain categories. Can you imagine anything better as a coffee drinker, than getting to sit around and sample all sorts of different coffees? There is a good idea: start a coffee tasting in your area. You might be surprised at how many people might turn out for it!

Social phenomena

Remember when it seemed like older folks gathered at the local cafe for a cup of coffee and some conversation? If not, then just imagine no one under 30 years old drinking coffee of any kind. Yes, that does sound strange in today’s world. Nowadays, young people gather at coffee houses to socialize and indulge in their favorite coffee beverage. In fact, there are some groups that specifically go to the coffee house or local restaurant just to drink coffee and hang out instead of going to a club or other place. Somehow coffee has gone from being an older person’s drink to being the “cool” thing to do.

Coffee paraphernalia

Coffee themed products are a real money maker. Some coffee lovers have taken to making gift items ranging from T-shirts to photo mugs and selling them. What could be better than making a little pocket money from something you love? Okay, well sitting back enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee might be a little better, but you get the idea. You can find coffee-themed items for the kitchen, wardrobe and even your cell phone. Some people actually find it sporting to go in search of their favorite coffee themed items.

Coffee shops

One last piece of proof that coffee is a great hobby is the fact that coffee shops exist. People that truly love coffee have opened little shops everywhere and some lucky ones have turned into world wide chains. They took their love of the roasted bean and made it available for fellow coffee drinkers.

Coffee drinkers all over the world take their love of coffee very seriously and have even managed to turn that love into fun hobbies. There is nothing better than watching the sunrise with a good cup of coffee or sharing a pot of coffee and a few laughs with good friends. If you enjoy your coffee, then start brewing it into a fun pastime.